Song of the Breathless:
A Burning Wheel game.

The misty forest of Arbaro stretches for a hundred kilometers, sheltering dozens of busy villages under its luscious canopy, hiding countless ruins from forgotten civilizations in its thick undergrowth. It is home to sturdy Humans, shaping the land as they make their mark on the world; to numerous animals natural and magical, if one believes in those tales; to a few of the Ancients, beings old and unimaginable as the forest itself; the Elder, fae creatures of magnificent power and dangerous beauty; and The Dark, a force old and alien and real, kept at bay by The Pact of Thorns.

Until now.

It is one year to the next Night of the Pact, and the count down has begun…

Song of the Breathless

Highmoon Breathless 02 MarkMeredith